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CJ - 21 Metallic

Asbestos Gasket Jointing Sheet With Wire

Material Composition:
  Made from Chrysotite Asbestos Fiber with Synthetic Elastomers with Wire Reinforced

  To seal off water, steam, air and alkaline chemicals for low stress conditions.

Associated Scientific and Engineering Works
THICKNESS : 0.80 mm to 6.00 mm.
SURFACE FINISH : Grey , Graphited
DIMESNSION OF SHEETS : 1500MM X3100MM, 1500MM X1500MM, 1500MM X 1000MM, 1500MM X 2000MM, 1270MM X1270MM, 1270MM X 3810MM
OPERATING CONDITION : Maximum pressure : 45
Maximum Temperature: 415oC
Associated Scientific and Engineering Works

The following Information Applies to material Thickness 1.5mm.

Associated Scientific and Engineering Works
S.NO. Typical Properties Test Method Unit Specified Value
1 Density IS:2712/1998 g /cm3 2.20
2 Tensile Strength IS:2712/1998 Mpa >7.0
3 Compressibility IS:2712/1998 % 6 -14
4 Recovery IS:2712/1998 % >40
5 Ignition Loss IS:2712/1998 % <28
Associated Scientific and Engineering Works

   All information and recommendations given in this brochure are correct to the best of our knowledge. However, in view of the wide varsity of possible installation and operating conditions one cannot
   draw the final conclusion in all application cases regarding the behaviour in a gasket joint. Therefore, information can only serve as a guideline.